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Help us create a global charity community.


My Deliverer Inc. is a 501c3-licensed, non-profit organization, offering a one-stop location to connect charities and other non-profits in an altruistic, alms-giving way to help our neighbors in need, with brothers and sisters through various technology channels such as web and mobile.

Donations are graciously welcome, and tax-deductible. Please email to find out how to help grow this mission! This website was built by BilleterMedia, founder of My

The website, MyDeliverer.Org, will feature charity-related functions (Profile, Find/Fill a Need), social networking, donation, and relief applications. Several different communities will be critical to the success of the organization, including Health, Spiritual/Church, Food/Clothing, Jobs, Environment, Partners, and Volunteers.

The first two years of the organization will focus on serving charities and users located in the United States; however, once successfully implemented, the initiative has plans to expand globally.

My Deliverer’s main highlights will include Charity Builder, Dashboard, and Find/Fill Need. Charity Builder allows any charity to create a profile and choose categories that match their region or needs they serve. Each user can create a network specific to their local needs.

The My Deliverer Dashboard will showcase at a high-level, activity related to the account user, including overview of their profile, recent searches, donations, and links to edit/update each area.

After Charity Builder information is securely stored in a database, users can use the search tool to retrieve charity information, network and Find/Fill Needs to help. Users can create a unique sign-on, or sign-on with Facebook.

My Deliverer sets itself apart because it connects all charities and non-profit organizations through one network, using collaboration and communities, and its activities are highly visible to users to encourage and grow involvement.

Graciously we ask for charity foundations to donate to this grants, other underwriters, and venture capitalists.

Several phases of application development are planned for My Deliverer, with the intent that Phase 1 may run from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2018 (secure site development, application development by programmers, creation of sign-on, Charity Builder, Find/Fill Need Search, and Dashboard functions).


We need your help for this critical mission. To help, or to donate, call 904-347-9189 email us at