Digital Communications

Message Matters.

Striking the right balance between creative and corporate, and knowing your audience, becomes critical for the client.
User Guides
• Writing and creating training materials on all levels for the CEVA Matrix IT Product Line.
• Creating user guides and case studies.
• Chief writer for the CEVA Matrix IT and Communications function.
• "Writing to sell" is key. Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action (AIDA), are important touchstones, whether you're writing to market or sell products, or handling public relations.
• Creating interactive, quarterly PDF newsletters, collecting and editing content, following company stylebook, design graphics, create templates,
• Written media releases for news outlets.
• Enhancements outlined in documents after software releases.
Design and Tools
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Dreamweaver
• Create corporate video, record webinars using Camtasia.
• Promotional Writing
• Technical Writing
• Journalistic/news/story approach
• Received New York Times Chairman's Award (excellence in journalism)












Knowledge Management

Knowledge is King.

Passionate focus on knowledge management and learning. KM architecture, organization, and design owner.
• Use assessments, planning and strategy sessions, to understand the business and customer needs.
Knowledge Bases/Portals
• Created CEVA Source Wiki
• Developed CEVA Matrix Portal
• Developing Matrix Wiki
Instructional Design
• Created CEVA Matrix Training Curriculum, graded, certified, in LMS.
Design and Tools
    • XWiki - Open Source platform
    • SharePoint 2013
    • Wordpress
• Six-plus years experience; attended Knowledge Management and Best Practices workshop, Hoofddorp, NL, Accenture.










Project Management

Driving Solutions.

Taking a cost-conscious approach, I can lead enterprise and small projects, provide structure to ensure successful and defect-free delivery across the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
Customer Champion
• Focused on excellent client service and software delivery for Internet projects, receiving five Star Player Awards.
Top 10 Talent
• Managed 10,000 hours and completed milestones, tasks, design, code walkthroughs for five projects, receiving this award from Citigroup.
• Oversaw development of projects and end-to-end completion of major, minor and maintenance projects through the entire System Development Life Cycle.
Design and Tools
  • • Microsoft Project
    • Microsoft SharePoint
• Certified Project Management Professional, belong to NE Fla. Chapter.










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